I Believe in a Hopeful Future.

Just a small town girl... livin' with high hopes and dreams. It can't hurt to have fantasies, right? I love to write, and nobody can stop me from writing. One day in the future, I want to live somewhere in North Carolina. Haven't been there yet, but I will someday. Meanwhile, I'm busy creating who I am, who I will be, and my future. Dream, believe, hope, live, love. That's the ultimate goal. Love, Isabel <(:3

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Dogs sleep in strange places.

Because I’m a good Creek Connector. And because one of my freshmen has a birthday this week!! 🎉😄

I updated the board! (FYI this is not our graduation date because they haven’t put that up on the website yet.) This also includes weekends, holidays, etc.

Totally laughed when I read the footnotes for line 95. Sassy. 😂😉 (Reading Othello, FYI)

Goal: One day (this year) take a picture of all the personalized parking drawings. (Our parking lot looks weird… in a good way!!)

We had a little bit too much fun with sticky notes at the Library 21c… 😂😉

We had a little to much fun at the Library 21c… 😉😂

I haven’t taken a selfie in a while, so here you go! 😉

This is what happened when I opened my AP bio textbook to a random page to find the chapter I’m supposed to read tonight. I have to say I’ve never in my life wanted to see tortoises procreating.

My brother just sent me this street picture from Portland, Oregon. #gaza

Guess who finished her summer internship?! I had a lot of fun this summer and learned tons of new things- I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

I’m laughing so hard that I can’t breathe. OH. MY. GOSH. 😂😂

In which my dog and I bark at each other because we’re both that weird.

Meanwhile on my roof…. Luckily it’s turned to rain now!

How ‘bout those piles of hail?